Dana Andreea Nigrim


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Dana Andrea Nigrim-Mihaescu has studied music and piano in Brasov (images slide*), important cultural center of Romania, with rich artistic traditions, where she grew up in a distinguished cultural and musical milieu, her grand father Nicolae Grigore Mihaescu Nigrim, writer, her aunt Yarodara Nigrim, actor, and her mother, Ana Lucia Nigrim an opera singer (a native of Sinaia*, where Dana spent many days of her childhood).

Through the quality of her playing, she has been awarded top prizes in the most important national piano competitions, affirming her reputation as one of the most talented Romanian pianists among the finest musicians of her generation. She first came to public attention at age ten when she appeared as soloist with 'Gheorghe Dima' Symphonic Orchestra of Brasov. In her career, she sustained numerous solo recitals across the country and concerts with the most important artistic directors and conductors of Romanian Symphonic Orchestras from Bucharest* (*= images slide), Sibiu*, Cluj-Napoca*, Iasi*, Craiova*, Târgu-Mures*, Arad*, Ploiesti*, Bacau - Cristian Mandeal, Horia Andreescu, Petre Sbârcea, Ion Baciu, Ovidiu Balan, Razvan Cernat, Mircea Lucescu, I. Ionescu-Galati, Dan Chirila, Modest Cichirdan, Teodor Costin, Cristian Neagu, Hari Bela, as other conductors: Leonid Nicolaev - Russia, A. Serrano - Italy, W. Heuer - Germany, J. Suk - USA, Young Chil Lee - Korea, Françoise Legrand - France, and Canada: Louis Lavigueur, Jacques Lacombe, Michel Malouf, Alain Trudel, Timothy Vernon, Yannick Nezet-Seguin, Cristian Gort, Olivier Robe, François Quimet, Peter Willsher, Jean-Paul Brunet, Silvia Tabor, winning an enthusiastic audience as well as music critics appreciation.

During her intense musical activity she built up a varied repertory, representative of different composers and styles. She appeared on Radio and Television in piano recitals and interviews, several broadcastings being dedicated to her musical parcours. She also became the soloist of Brasov Symphonic Orchestra. Previously she has been voice coach at Opera of Brasov where she worked with singers winners of international voice competitions (Moscow, Viena, Madrid, Sofia).

Her training includes a Baccalaureate in Interpretation that she finished as the first in the series of graduates at the Music Lyceum of Brasov, a Master's in Interpretation Piano at the National Music Academy of Bucharest (First Prize in Interpretation Piano, Chamber Music and Theory of Music) with professors Ana Pitis and Ioana Minei, and a Doctorate from the University of Montreal with professor Gilles Manny who characterized her:

“Dana Nigrim belongs to the world of interpretation and possesses the charisma and the ability to give strong life to the musical works which she performs. I believe she is a multi-faceted artist, of a great versatility, who will have a career of first caliber as a pianist. She has a considerable repertoire and it is remarkable to listen in what a ease way and with what conviction she approaches different styles.”

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