Sviatoslav Richter Discography
Johann Sebastian Bach Bartók Béla Ludwig van Beethoven Alban Berg
Johannes Brahms Benjamin Britten Frédéric Chopin Alexander Dargomizhsky
Claude Debussy Antonin Dvorák César Franck George Gershwin
Alexander Glazunov Mikhail Glinka Edvard Grieg George Frideric Handel
Franz Josef Haydn Paul Hindemith Liszt Ferenc Nicolai Medtner
Felix Mendelssohn Nicolai Miaskovsky Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Modest Mussorgsky
Francis Poulenc Sergei Prokofiev Sergei Rachmaninoff Maurice Ravel
Max Reger Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov Camille Saint-Saëns Franz Schubert
Robert and Clara Schumann Alexander Scriabin Dmitri Shostakovich Richard Strauss
Igor Stravinsky Karol Szymanowski Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Richard Wagner
Carl Maria von Weber Anton Webern Jean-Baptiste Weckerlin Hugo Wolf

This discography has been assembled primarily from the generous contributions of the persons listed below.

  • Mitsuru Akita, for hundreds of Japanese LP releases and one Orfeo d'Or.
  • Antonio Aznar, for Japanese CD releases and numerous corrections.
  • Andrys Basten, for moral support.
  • Philippe Bocher, for camaraderie and help with the hunt.
  • Cullan Bryant, for dates, corrections, and additional listings.
  • Romeo Ceccarelli Paxton, for copies of essential documents.
  • Davide Ciaccia, for rare CD releases and many covers.
  • Jed Distler, for a large package of material including the nearly complete assignment of dates and venues for the Philips series "The Authorised Recordings."
  • Lawrence Gray, for careful proofreading.
  • Chaim Goldenberg, for checking the Haydn listings.
  • Robert van Heeren, for news of Live Classics discs.
  • Lih Jauh, for long lists of additions and welcome news.
  • David Kadish, for additions and corrections.
  • Jon Lavine, for careful attention to detail and help with an earlier redesign.
  • Thierry Loir, for reminders and careful checking.
  • Farhan Malik, for correcting the Szymanowski Mazurkas listing.
  • Philippe Marchal, for a long list of corrections and new releases, plus articles from Diapason.
  • Alex Morin, for a copy of his Richter discography.
  • Steve Ness, for data on live recordings from 1960 on Columbia, and other helpful advice.
  • Alberto Notarbartolo, for helpful advice and documentation to confirm many entries.
  • Yves Saint-Laurent, for a long list of additions.
  • John Stafford, for word of the (Australian) Coronet releases, and for a substantial list of additions and corrections.
  • Werner Stroobants for listings from Bianco & Nero, EMI double forte, and the bonus disc from the Philips Richter Edition. Thanks also for the picture, and for the latest from the Friends.
  • Dr. Ates Tanin, for a copy of the 1983 Richter discography published as an article in Recorded Sound, and much other invaluable advice and assistance.
  • Anton Thalmaier, for extensive data on Stradivarius, Live Classics, and other labels.
  • Andrew Wilson, for a long list of recording venues, the exact dates for the recordings on the Parnassus discs, and news of the Friends.
  • Boris Zindels, for personal and technical support.

In addition, the following published and on-line reference materials have been consulted:

  • John R. Bennett, MELODIYA, A Soviet Russian L.P. Discography
    Greenwood Press, Westport, Connecticut, 1981, ISBN 0-313-22596-6.
  • Falk Schwarz and John Berrie, "Sviatoslav Richter -- A Discography"
    in Recorded Sound number 84, July 1983.
  • Falk Schwarz and John Berrie, "Discography 1948 - 1997 / Sviatoslav Richter"
    fifth edition, 15 June 1997, published by "The Friends" of Sviatoslav Richter.
  • "Discographie" by Francis Drésel in Diapason number 389, January 1993, pp. 31 - 35.
  • The CADENSA database at the British Library.
  • The Experimental Search Service of the Library of Congress.
  • Auction and Sale lists from Parnassus, Polyphony, Mikrokosmos, Benedikt & Salmon, et al.

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